Chairmans Report

Zoheir Tyebkhan, M.H. Chairman (February 2017 )
Qamar Zaman Minhas Chairman (Until January 2017)
Saeed Uddin, B.B.S., M.H. Hon. Secretary (From February 2017)
L.M. Nizamuddin Hon. Secretary (Until January 2017)
Akil Khan Hon. Treasurer (From February 2017)
Amirali B. Nasir, M.H. Hon. Treasurer (Until February 2017)
Aminul Haque Trustee
Muhammad Iqbal  Trustee (From February 2017)
Mohammad Ishaque Trustee (Until January 2017)

Nisar Khusro

H.L. Hei (Coordinator)
M.A.J. Abdul Kareem (Member)
Hafiz B.S. Ahmad Salih  (Member)
Shabir Hussain  (Member)
Muhammad Shahid  (Member)
Bazlul Quader (Member)

Mohammad Ishaque (Coordinator)
Ma Fung Hing Jamal Loondin (Member)
Dil Mohammad (Member)
Muskin Khan (Member)
Master Rafaqat Ali (Member)
Mohammad Irshad (Member)

Zafar Ahmed (Member)

Aminul Haque (Supervisor & Manager)
Tahir Nadeem (School Manager)
Kasim Ma Fung Wai (School Manager)
Hafeezah Khatoon Khan (School Manager)
Asma Farooq (School Manager)
Rizwan Ullah (School Manager)
Khurshid Ahmed Hanafi (School Manager)
Musthafa Hussain Ali (School Manager)
Abuzar Abbasi (School Manager)

1. The Incorporated Trustees have pleasure in submitting their annual report together with the audited financial statements for the year ended 31st March 2017.

1. The Incorporated Trustees maintain five Masajids, respectively, (1) Jamia Masjid, at Shelley Street, Mid-levels, (2) Masjid Ammar & O.R. Sadick Islamic Centre, at Oi Kwan Road, Wanchai, (3) Chaiwan Masjid, at Cape Collinson, Chai Wan on Hong Kong Island, (4) Kowloon Masjid & Islamic Centre, at Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, and (5) Stanley Masjid 53 Tung Tau Wan Road, Stanley Hong Kong. They are assisted by management committees in the operation of Chaiwan Masjid and Kowloon Masjid and Islamic Centre, while the management of Masjid Ammar and O.R. Sadick Islamic Centre is entrusted to the Islamic Union of Hong Kong. Jamia Masjid is managed by a committee.
2. Following the designation of the Jamia Masjid at Shelly Street, Mid-levels as a Grade 1 Historical Monument by the Antiquities Advisory Board. Phase 1 of the renovation and restoration works funded by the Government of the HKSAR were completed in June 2011 while Phase 2 of the renovation and restoration works approved by the Government’s Development Bureau were completed in July 2013.
3. The Incorporated Trustees have also established and operate Madrassahs at each of these Masajids and run a Muslim Community Kindergarten. The latter is managed by a School Management Committee. At present there are about 500 students receiving Islamic Education in all the Madrassahs. Every year many students complete reading of Holy Quran (Nazirah) and some students complete the learning of Holy Quran by heart (Hifz). Holy Quran Completion Ceremony was held in which the graduating students were given certificates and gifts.
4. The Incorporated Trustees also maintain and upkeep two Muslim cemeteries, one is located in Happy Valley and the other is in Chai Wan, for burial of deceased Muslims in Hong Kong.
5. Apart from the ongoing operation and maintenance of these facilities, one of the major activities undertaken is the slope maintenance work in compliance with the Dangerous Hillside Order at Happy Valley Cemetery. The slope stabilization works were completed in February 2016 and approved by the Buildings Department.
6. The Kowloon Masjid Dawah Committee organizes Islamic courses for Muslim and non-Muslims. Recently two Intermediate courses have been completed for nonMuslim and certificates were awarded to participants. This service of conducting Islamic courses will continue on a regular basis.
7. In addition, all the Mosques and in particular, Kowloon Masjid, are a big attraction for visits by educational institutions in Hong Kong such as universities, colleges, schools, high government officials, officials from the Police Force and individuals to understand the basic principles of Islam, its’ teachings as well as to understand our culture and faith. Our trained Imams looked after them and provided explanations in English and Chinese.
8. We conducted Halal Inspections and issued Halal Certificates as a service to Muslims in Hong Kong and some parts of China. The Halal Certification was carried out under the strict supervision of our Imams. The BOT Halal logo is registered at the Trade Marks Registry of the Intellectual Property Department of the Government of the HKSAR.
9. We welcomed visits from Imams of the two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia and other well-known Islamic scholars and personalities who delivered lectures in our Masajids for the benefit of the Muslim Community of Hong Kong.
10. The Board of Trustees maintains cordial and friendly relations with Government Officials and the Police Department of Hong Kong. For many years now, the Secretary for Home Affairs, Commissioner of Police, President of Legco, Consul Generals of numerous countries, Officials from China Government Liaison Office have attended our Iftar Dinner Function during the Holy Month of Ramadan and also visited our Masajids on different occasions.

The operating results for the financial year 2013/14 showed an income of $7,345,963.59 and expenditure of $7,601,843.57 leaving a deficit of $255,789.98.
1. The operating results for the financial year 2016/17 showed an income of $7,969,385.55 and expenditure of $7,940,028.49 leaving a surplus of $29,357.06.
2. Several essential projects, costing millions of dollars were attended by the Trustees in 2016/17.  More is impending with our ageing Masajids and cemeteries and the ongoing demand for burial spaces. An urgent appeal is made to all Muslim organizations and individuals for generous support and financial assistance. Without contributions, burial arrangements and provision of services for worship will be affected.

1. We gratefully acknowledge the donations from organizations and individuals, among which are the dividends received annually from the Late Allah Ditta’s estate and the Trust Fund of Mrs. and Mr. Y.A. Wahab and the monthly contributions from Amusa Trading Company Limited. May Allah reward them for their generosity.
2. We are grateful to the many brothers and sisters who helped as volunteers in functions and activities organized in the Masajids and Islamic centers, to our Imams and Quranic teachers, and to our staff and colleagues for their endeavors and dedication in the past year. We are also grateful to the supervisor, principal, managers and teachers of the Muslim Community Kindergarten who contribute so much towards the education of our young children in their foundation years of education.

1. The Incorporated Trustees who served during the year are shown on page 1. No Trustee drew any remuneration nor derived any other financial interests from the transactions of the Incorporated Trustees.

On behalf of the Incorporated Trustees of the
Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong

Zoheir Tyebkhan, M.H.

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