The Muslim Community Kindergarten (MCK) was registered with the Education Bureau, Government of Hong Kong SAR in 1998 and is located on the ground floor of Masjid Ammar & O.R.S. Islamic Centre in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. It is a non-profit making school, which is sponsored by the Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong.

It serves the children of local community as well as children belonging to different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. MCK is a member of the Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme (PEVS), provided by the Student Financial Assistance Agency (SFAA), which encourages parents to send their young children to kindergartens by offering a fee subsidy.

The kindergarten pays special attention on the development of the student both at the school & home and regularly interacts with the parents to monitor the progress of the students.

The principal and teachers are experienced, caring & creative and carry out their duties in a professional manner. They work hard to develop the literacy and numeracy skills of students by involving them in different kinds of interactive learning & play activities and try to enhance their vocabularies and language skills.

Students who graduate from the kindergarten attain a sound level of learning, develop self-confidence & self-care skills and are able to secure admissions in good primary schools.

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