When we promise your donation is in safe hands, we mean we work very hard to ensure you can trust us to use your donation in the most effective way to ease the suffering of others.
Alhamdulillah many brothers and sisters in Islam are regularly donating towards the Trust Fund and some have kept a provision in the will of their trusts to continue their financial contribution after they have left this world, which is known in Islam as Sadqa-e-Jaria (ceaseless charity).
Your donation is safe in our hands because we are transparent about how much we raise and where it is spent.
We believe in transparency and accountability. That’s why we’re clear that we have admin and fundraising costs and that they are necessary expenditure for a global charity committed to the highest international humanitarian standards.


We have been working since 1850 to alleviate the impacts of poverty & sickness. we kick-start development in remote villages around the world, empowering rural communities by providing the basic necessities of life from Water, Sanitation, Education, Livelihood and Socio-Economic Development thus lifting them out of poverty.
We take your donations seriously; charity is not just about handing funds over to beneficiaries.The spent on administration and operational costs goes towards a comprehensive operational management framework that we have in place to ensure that the aid we provide goes to the most deserving and needy people.

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